Walsall Area Cycling routes library

Less than 30 miles (D Ride) NO CAFE STOPS
Ride P25 CG
Pelsall start, 25 mile circuit taking in Cannock Chase. Suitable for MTB
Ride P16CG
Pelsall start, 16 miles taking in Chasewater and Gentleshaw. Suitable for MTB or good hybrid
Ride B21WA
Bloxwich start, 21 miles taking in Willenhall, Walsall Arboretum and Pelsall
Ride A18GC
Aldridge start, 18 miles taking in Hammerwich, Gentleshaw and Chase Terrace. Return via canal so suitable for hybrid
Ride P17GW
Pelsall start, 17 milles taking in Gentleshaw before returning via Walsall Wood
Ride B20BC
Bloxwich start, 20 miles taking in Brewood returning via Calf Heath
Ride A12SS
Aldridge start, 12 miles taking in Stonnall and Shenstone
Ride B18AB
Bloxwich start, 18 miles taking in Walsall Arboretum and Barr Beacon
Ride A28SH
Aldridge start, 28 miles taking in Stonnall and Hints
Ride A29HT
Aldridge start, 29 miles taking in Hints and Tamworth (via Hints ford)
Ride A17SB
Aldridge start, 17 mile short route taking in Shenstone and Burntwood, created by Ken Scott-Clegglegg
Ride P25BG
Pelsall start, 25 miles to Brewood via Great Wyrley
Ride A28FL
Aldridge start, 28 miles taking in Fradley and Lichfield.
Ride A31AL
Aldridge start, 30 miles taking in Alrewas and Lichfield.
Ride A20WS
Aldridge start, 20 miles taking in Whittington and Stonnall
Ride A23LH
Aldridge start, 23 miles, taking in Lichfield and Hammerwich.
Ride A20SW

Aldridge start, 20 miles, taking in Shenstone and Whittington

30 - 50 miles (C Ride)
Ride A41RR
Aldridge start, 41 miles riding to Rosliston
Ride A35NB
Aldridge start, 35 miles all off road riding to Bull and Bladder (The Vine) Brierley Hill via Netherton Tunnel
Ride P30BW
Pelsall start, 30 miles riding to Whiston via Brewood and returning via Cannock
Ride B48BN
Bloxwich start, 48 miles riding to Norbury Junction before returning to Bloxwich
Ride A45GH
Aldridge start, 45 miles riding to Great Haywood before returning to Aldridge
Ride A45PR
Aldridge start 45 miles with pick-up at Pelsall, riding to Red Lion Farm, Haughton before returning via Pelsall
Ride A44KR
Aldridge start, 44 miles riding to Ridge Lane (nr Athersone) via Sutton Coldfield and Kingsbury Water Park
Ride A53RB
Aldridge start, 53 miles riding to Burton for lunch at Coopers Tavern. Via The Honey Pot, Rosliston for coffee
Ride B45WC:
Bloxwich start, 45 miles, Coffee: Wombourne Railway Cafe (via railway path), Lunch Cat at Enville, Tea: Whitwick Manor
Ride A47FC:
Aldridge start, 47 miles, Coffee: Fradley (via The Abnalls), Lunch: Black Horse, Coton in Elms, Tea: Tamworth Castle
Ride P55BA:
Pelsall start, 55 miles, Coffee: Brewood, Lunch: All Nations, Madeley, Tea: Oakland Holiday Park, Brewood
Ride A50BB:
Aldridge start, 50 miles, Coffee: Honeypot cafe, Lunch: Burton Bridge Brewery, Tea: Mabels, Curborough.
Cafe only version 42 miles click here
Ride P42SC:
Pelsall start, 42 miles, Coffee: Springslade Cafe, Lunch: Greyhound pub, Colton, Tea: Mabels, Curborough
Ride A42CT
Aldridge start, 42 miles, Coffee: Mabels at Curborough, Lunch: Colvile Arms, Lullington. Tea: Tamworth Castle
Ride B30BW:
Bloxwich start, 30 miles, Coffee: Brewood. Lunch: The Swan, Whiston. PHONE PUB AND BOOK SANDWICHES
Ride A38MG:
Aldridge start, 38 miles, Coffee: Middleton Hall. Lunch: Griffin, Shustoke.
Ride A35MN:
Aldridge start, 35 miles, Coffee: Middleton Hall. Lunch: Gate Inn, Nether Whittacre
Ride A40BB:
Aldridge start, 40 miles, Lunch: Royal Oak, Barton Green (via Dunstall). Tea: Curborough or Fradley
Ride P35BW:
Pelsall start, 35 miles, Coffee: Lazy Days,, Brewood. Lunch at Coach and Horses, Wheaton Aston
Ride P36PW:
Pelsall start, 36 miles, Coffee: Penkridge. Lunch: Coach and Horses, Wheaton Aston. Possible tea stop: Brewood
Ride P40BC:
Pelsall start, 40 miles, Coffee: Brewood. Lunch: Royal Oak, Church Eaton. Possble tea stop: Oaklands Holiday Park
Ride P42PW:
Pelsall start, 42 miles, Coffee: Penkridge. Lunch: Coach and Horses, Wheaton Aston. Possible tea stop: Brewood
Ride P45CS:
Pelsall start, 45 miles, Coffee: Airforce Museum, Cosford. Lunch: Shifnal, White Hart. Possible tea stop at Brewood
Ride A40MB:
Aldridge start, 40 miles, coffee at National Memorial Arboretum, lunch Royal Oak Barton Green
Ride A47KA
Aldridge start, 47 miles riding to Atherstone via Kingsbury Water Park
Ride A41RA
Aldridge start, 41 miles riding to Honey Pot cafe at Rosliston before returning to Aldridge
Ride A41LB
Aldridge start 41 miles, to Barton Marina via Lichfield using some different lanes, returning via Chorley
Ride A41LH
Aldridge start, 41 miles riding to The Deer Park,
Hoar Cross via Lichfield and Chorley (please see notes)
Ride B40HP
Bloxwich start, 40 miles riding to Red Lion Farm, Haughton using the 'forgotten lanes'

50 - 70 miles (B Ride)
Ride P58PM:
Pelsall start, 58 miles, Coffee: Lychgate Coffee, Pattingham. Lunch: All Nations, Madeley. Tea: Brewood
Ride A55TT:
Aldridge start, 55 miles, Coffee: Tatenhill Airfield, Lunch: Horseshoe pub, Tatenhill, Tea: Curborough
Ride B55WC:
Bloxwich start, 55 miles, Coffee: Wombourne Railway Cafe, Lunch: Cat at Enville, Tea: Gardenlands
Ride P59RH:
Pelsall start, 59 miles, Coffee: Red Lion Farm, Lunch: Anchor Inn, High Offley, Tea: Oaklands Brewood.
Cafe only version 39 miles click here
Ride B67BA:
Bloxwich start, 67 miles, Coffee: SVR Bridgnorth, Lunch: All Nations, Tea: Brewood
Ride A54BB:
Aldridge start, 54 miles, Coffee: Rosliston, Lunch: Burton Bridge Brewery, Return via Dunstall, Tea: Mabels
Ride A77BB:
Aldridge start, 77 miles, Coffee: Honeypot Cafe,, Lunch: Bosworth Field, Tea: Nat Mem Arboretum.
Ride P68WB:
Pelsall start, 68 miles, Coffee: Railway Cafe, Wombourne, Lunch: Severn Valley Railway, Bridgnorth, Tea: Oaklands
Ride A65TC:
Aldridge start, 65 miles, Coffee: Tatenhill Airfield, Lunch: Black Horse, Coton in the Elms, Tea: Mabels, Curborough
Ride A58MA:
Aldridge start, 58 miles, Coffee: Middleton Hall, Lunch: Wagon Load of Lime, Arley
Ride A63NB:
Aldridge start, 63 miles, Coffee: Newton Regis Garden Centre, Lunch: Royal Oak, Barton Green, Tea: Fradley Junction
Ride B64HB:
Bloxwich start, 64 miles, Coffee: Halfpenny Green Airport, Lunch: White Lion, Bridgnorth,
Cafe only version 44 miles click here

Ride A58TS:
Aldridge start, 58 miles, Coffee: Tamworth Castle, Lunch: George & Dragon, Stoke Golding, Tea: Granary
Ride P60WC:
Pelsall start, 63 miles, Coffee: Wombourne Railway Cafe, Lunch: Plough & Harrow, Kinver
Cafe only version 46 miles click here

Ride A58KA:
Aldridge start, 58 miles, Coffee: Kingsbury Water Park, Lunch: Angel Ale House , Atherstone.
Cafe only version 28 miles
 click here
Ride P51GB:
Pelsall start, 51 miles, Coffee: Canalside Cafe, Gt Haywood. Lunch: Blythe Inn (nr Stow by Chartley). Tea: Mabels
Ride A50BT:
Aldridge start, 50 miles, Lunch: Horseshoe Inn, Tatenhill. Tea: Mabels at Curborough
Ride B56BC:
Bloxwich start, 56 miles, Coffee: Lazy Days, Brewood, Lunch: Royal Oak, Church Eaton. Tea: Springslade Cafe
Ride P65HB
Pelsall start, 65 miles, Coffee: Halfpenny Green Airfield, Lunch: White Lion, West Castle St, Bridgnorth. Tea: Cosford
Ride P69PE
Pelsall start, 69 miles, Coffee: Dickens Tea Shoppe, Penkridge, Lunch: Bell Inn, Eccleshall. Tea stop: Brewood.
Ride A60MC
Aldridge start, 60 miles, Coffee: Middleton Hall, Lunch / visit to Coventry Motor Museum.
Ride P69NL
Pelsall start, 69 miles, Coffee: Norbury Junction, Lunch: Robin Hood Inn at Loggerheads Staffs.
Ride B70AH

Bloxwich start, 70 miles, Coffee: Waitrose Cafe, Newport, Lunch: Haberdashers Arms, Knighton
Ride A50RB
Aldridge start, 50 miles, Coffee: Rosliston Forestry Centre (nr Burton) Lunch: Coopers Tavern, Burton.
Cafe only version 41 miles click here
Aldridge start, 51 miles, riding to Meriden and back

 start, 52 miles riding to Lilleshall, Shropshire via Red Lion Farm, Haughton before returning to Bloxwich

Club 50 2020
Pelsall start, 50 miles riding to Canal Side Cafe, Great Haywood for lunch returning via Cannock Chase
Pelsall start 57 miles riding to All Nations at Madeley via Brewood. Return via Badger and Pattingham

70 plus miles (A Ride) Including some 100 mile rides!
Aldridge start, 72 mile, Coffee: Tatenhill Airfield, Lunch: Church Broughton area. Tea: Curborough.
Aldridge start, 79 miles, Coffee at Kingsbury Water Park, lunch Greyhound Inn, Hawkesbury Junction. Tea Mabels
Bloxwich start, 80 miles, Coffee: Apley Farm, Shifnal, Lunch: White Lion Inn, Bridgnorth, Tea: Brewood.
Aldridge start, 100 miles (A+ride), Coffee Banners, Aston Fields, Bromsgrove (45 miles into ride), Lunch: Cat at Enville
Aldridge start, 74 miles, Coffee at Strawberry Garden Centre, Bramshall. Lunch Dunscome Arms, Ellastone. Tea Mabels
Ride M100CC
Meriden start, 100 miles (A+ride), Route of Cotswold Challenge Audax
Ride P104SW
Pelsall start, 104 miles, Coffee at Cobbles, Shifnal, Lunch at White Lion Wem, Tea at The Swan, Brewood
Ride P81NU
Pelsall start, 81 miles, Coffee at Waitrose Newport, Lunch at Corbet Arms, Upton Magna. Tea at The Swan, Brewood
Ride A72RE
Aldridge start, 72 miles, Coffee at Rosliston Forestry Centre, Lunch at Spread Eagle, Etwall, Tea at Mabels

Club 100 2020
Pelsall start 100 miles, riding to Black Lion at Consall Forge for lunch via Canal Side Cafe, Great Haywood

Please be aware that the following routes are closed (though some MAY be passible on a bike with care):
Dunstalls Lane between Hopwas and Tamworth. Possible alternative via Hopwas and A51
Claypit Lane between Chesterfield / Wall and Lichfield. Alternative route signposted but very busy
Shaw Lane / Tuppenhurst Lane Nr Handsacre. Possible alternative via B5014 Lichfield Road
Netherstowe Lane Nr Fradley. Possible alternative to Lichfield Woodend Lane and Watery Lane

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